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Sweat In Style and Be Proud

Yep, it's hot outside so if not sweating through a barre session, you may find me hanging by the pool or inside enjoying the AC (working of course...maybe with a glass of wine). And I'm not sure about you but this time of year typically creates a few style challenges around here. All the heat, humidity and pop up thunderstorms make it difficult to keep it all together in more ways than one. 

Let's talk about the hair. The midwest humidity does some fun things to these tresses, and I'm not even talking about post sweat session. Lucky for me it may lose all control from house to car or during a leisurely stroll in the hood. So you can imagine what state it's in by the end of a barre class-does bed head ring a bell- yeah, it aint pretty. In an effort to maintain some dignity, I have a few simple fixer uppers on standby: trucker hat, dry shampoo and lots of hair ties on my wrist, which is an accessory that I've been trying to outgrow but seems to be a hard one to kick. For the most part, these work for me, but if something special arises and I need to be a little more presentable, adding wave/curls or treating myself to a blowout does the trick. What about all of you? I know I'm not the only one with #messyhairdontcare problems. 

Moving on to the wardrobe. And since almost every blog I've contributed to has included (at least) a mention of 'layers', I won't spend much time on this topic. Just know that I'm a fan of layers-for every season and every situation (you'll be all caught up if you read 'How Layers Can Save A Woman's Day'). Now, as I sit and think about some of the other obvious challenges and planned points I'd intended to discuss, I've had a change of heart.

Who remembers the deodorant campaign 'Never Let Them See You Sweat'?  Really? Who cares if we sweat? We work hard, as a mom, as a business woman, as a best friend, as a kick ass barre babe or whatever else it is you're passionate about. So yeah, we're going to sweat. We deserve to sparkle. And we should wear it as a badge of honor showcasing our patience, persistence and dedication. SEE MY SWEAT AND HEAR ME I taking it too far? But you understand my point. 

So instead of touching on summer fabrics that are tolerant in heat (and sweat) and finding ways to look good even when you're feeling a bit sticky, the inspiration has taken me elsewhere. And I'm embracing it. What do you think? Is sweaty the new sexy?  Or maybe these warm temperatures and end of summer blues have messed with my judgement. Either way, we are super excited about the Sweat Local Columbus Fitness Expo on August 12th and are hoping to see many of you local peeps sweating in style and feeling mighty proud. Please, please stop by and see us! Until next time, I hope all your adventures are sweaty, stylish and proud ones.

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  • Glenda Borchelt on

    I enjoy your “keeping it real” writing style, and love the motivation you spread!

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