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Royals Like You've Never Seen Them [In Athleisure].

Royal style

Most of us have read or heard about *Princess Meghan Markel breaking some of the Queen's royal family style rules since becoming the Duchess.  And I would love to be sharing photos of her in our Banded Black Legging and Fit For Barre Muscle Tank, but if they exist, I have not been privy to any such images. So for now, I will continue to dream about this possibility, but this is not about her. Shift your thinking to the other famous royals. Here's a hint: they are mostly animated and related to the Disney family.

Yes, fourteen Disney Princesses ditched their traditional uniforms for comfy and stylish athleisure wear in the new movie Ralph Breaks The Internet. My daughters (8 & 10) have been wanting to see this one since it was released on November 21st. I wasn't expecting to see leggings, tank tops and flannel on Cinderella, Snow White, Elsa or Anna. During this one scene, I wanted to press pause and check out every detail of each outfit on all 14 princesses. I saw black leggings, I saw graphic tees, I saw athleisure. I was inspired.

No more spoilers here, but it was obvious that this new casual, street style had positive effects on these well known characters-definitely a calming and more relaxed vibe-like they just finished a sweat sesh at the barre studio and extended it to girls night in. It was a perfect demonstration of friend therapy, barre therapy and retail therapy all wrapped up in one scene. The royals are on point in athleisure. Check it out for yourself in theaters near you and let me know what you think.

Until next time...or as Cinderella's graphic tee says, G2G (I had to look it up, It means Got to Go).

Melissa Tuttle

*Featured image is prior to her official title and belongs to Splash News

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