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How Adding Layers Can Improve A Woman's Day

Thank goodness for layers, my go-to for a multitude of reasons. And although layers and layers of cake are super yummy and provide comfort in oh so many ways, I'm referring to the layers used when fitting our bodies with clothing, specifically activewear. The approach is simple but the results lend to a calmer, more adaptable schedule and an enhanced you. So let's get dressed, let's get layered and let's put together an ensemble that's effortless and prepares us for the journey of our day. And why should we adorn with layers you ask? 

Let's start with temperature regulation. Being from the Midwest, we experience the adventures of all four seasons throughout the year, and in some cases, all four seem to pass through in a matter of days. Mother Nature can be very moody in these parts, so being prepared for the elements is a must.  Layering for the purpose of adapting to various weather and temperatures is pretty straightforward but there are ways to accomplish this while still attaining a stylish and polished look. The first layer almost always includes a sports bra, even if a workout is not a definite on the calendar; but starting here gives hope that some form of fitness could happen, at least that's what I tell myself. And it helps that most sports bras are super comfy and flattering. Layer two involves a fitted or semi-fitted top or tank, which allows for additional layers without the bulkiness. Even in the summer months, a third layer (which is usually a looser or more relaxed fit) is either draped over me or in my Studio Tote for two main reasons: 1) the air conditioning can be downright frigid and,  2) the sun has an unfriendly side and this layer can render a quick and easy shelter. Those colder months require additional outer layers too but your look doesn't have to be grey even when the skies are-spruce it up with a colorful scarf and a pom pom beanie.

And then we all have those days where we simply want a little more coverage for whatever reason. Perhaps we are not feeling our normal svelte self-could be the extra piece of layered cake (the benefits were amazing as I inhaled it though), could be a missed workout or two, could be a certain time of the month, or could be just because....we don't need a reason, that's our prerogative. Don't let this get in your way of getting out and about. Working with varying lengths and fits can do the trick. As mentioned earlier, starting with a sports bra and fitted or semi fitted top or tank is a good start and can help provide a slimming effect. This allows for more options when layering up as you don't have to worry about the base layer fabric bunching or wrinkling when adding to it. So go ahead and grab a long, short, fitted, or loose top, layer up and you're ready to roll. This may be just what the doctor ordered. 

On the other hand, there may be days when anything fitted and close to the skin is a no-go. You're not feeling it and need a little space. A relaxed top with a little extra room to move is more motivating. If this is the case, just look for additional layers that are equally roomy, again so you don't have the folding and bulging effect underneath. Now for those of you who may be striving for extra coverage on the bottom half, a longer length top or tunic that fits over the hips can be a perfect match with the basic black legging. I'm also a big fan of the skirted legging, as it has a built-in bonus layer while providing a fun, flirty vibe to your look. And speaking from experience, if you are seeking a longer (and I stress longer, as in taller), leaner appearance, a monochromatic choice can help prevent any abbreviation in your length. But I'm still hoping for a growth spurt so I digress....

Let's move on to something I like to refer to as efficiency layering. What is this you may be asking? Well, on those days when you're feeling more like the Energizer Bunny than a mother, a wife, a daughter, a student (you get the drift-you just keep going and going and going), and time is of the essence, managing said time accordingly is a must. And this means a complete wardrobe change isn't always feasible. So layer up starting again with your favorite sports bra; add the basics such as a black legging and fitted tank which prepares you for the studio or wherever your workout may take you later.  This layer may suffice for the rest of your plans as well. But let's consider what may be fitting for the parent teacher conference, the meeting with vendors, the happy hour at the end of the day, or whatever may lie ahead. This is where the efficiency layering comes into play. Look for pieces that are versatile, like a pullover, cover up, or sweater that can be dressed up or down. Toss a scarf or necklace into your bag. Swap out your flats for your booties. Plan for a full day and if it doesn't happen then cherish the down time. 

So there you have it, why I need layers in my life and how adding layers can enhance yours. It sounds easy and it is. Be prepared. Be spontaneous. Be present. Be you.

Melissa Tuttle

Fit For Barre 



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