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How To Maximize Your Barre Essentials

As a barre instructor finding pieces that are stylish functional and transitional is so important for me. Often times (90% of the time ) I don’t have time to go home before my next errand whether it’s picking up my son from school or running to my next business meeting. Below are some of my recent favorite pieces from Fit for Barre.

Camo Jogger

So many of my clients and students loved my camo joggers! What I loved about it is that I could wear it outside of barre class. I gave these a test run during an Athletic Training Hit class and even though I sweat a lot it never showed up through the pants (embarrassing sweat marks are never fun). I have washed it a few times and it looks the exact same and fits the same too!


  • Pair with high tops or boots for colder weather.
  • Looks great with a dark leather and puffy bomber coat (you can even layer both for really frigid temps.

Banded Black Legging

These pants are another fave, I especially love the cut and length. Being that I have a long torso finding the right fit in bottoms can be challenging.



  • This can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Don’t be afraid to add a flowy top to dress it up or an oversized sweatshirt with some stylish detailing for a more casual look.

Open Cross Back Top

I like to wear long sleeves to workout in during colder months but often find myself either cold or burning up. This top adds the right amount of coverage with the perfect peek-a-boo cut-outs to make it not only breathable but fashionable too!


  • Order your actual size, I found the fit to be perfect. With it being form fitting it allows me to layer other pieces on top giving versatility when you want to style this outside of the gym.

Nadia Murdock

Fit & Lifestyle Expert

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