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Fitness Goals: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Whether you're a fan of Valentine's Day or not, it's February and love is in the air. Maybe you're not feeling it, you don't celebrate it, you have enough to think about without all the fuss. I feel ya - it's not typically on the radar till it's time to plan a classroom party for one of my kiddos. But for now, let's forget about the Hallmark holiday, and focus on you. If you're working out a little, a lot or simply considering it then there's some self LOVE happening and that's huge. 

So you're ready to do this thing and crush some fitness goals, or at least thinking about it. But remember, you don't need to go big bang all at once; instead, take small steps and build on the ones that work for you. It's a process. So how do you get motivated and stay motivated?  These tips have everything to do with LOVE:

  1. First, make yourself a priority. Maybe it's only 10 minutes once a week and that's ok, but get "self-LOVE" on your calendar. It's a start and you're so worth it.
  2. Experiment with different activities and classes. If you're not a fan of running don't sign up for a running group; there are plenty of other options out there that could ultimately be the one. When you're interested in doing it again, you may be on to something. Can you identify something you LOVE about it? If not, give it another try and then move on.
  3. A sense of community and support is so important to staying committed. Maybe you're vibing with the workout but the tribe vibes aren't quite there yet. Invite a friend to join next time and see if it changes things for ya. Or perhaps flying solo and sweating it out from the comfort of your home is more your style. Connecting with friends online or over a cup of matcha may provide all the LOVE and support you need to keep going.
  4. And lastly, we say this one a lot around here, "I barre harder when I LOVE my outfit". So treat yourself to some new workout clothes, you deserve it.  And I'm happy to help with this one so just say the word ;-).

I wonder what the queen of rock-n-roll herself would think. Anyone out there have her contact info? I think she would agree - we need to LOVE and Show Some Respect to ourselves. Cheers to that and exceeding your fitness goals this year.

Melissa Tuttle

Founder, Fit For Barre.

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  • Glenda Borchelt on

    Great advice to make time for healthy habits. Thanks for the gentle nudge!

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