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Fit For Giving

Fit For Giving

Yes, it's no surprise that our clothing and accessories are designed for barre fitness - that's what we're passionate about and it's what we know and love. But perhaps you didn't know, that to ensure these products are meeting the utmost of quality, comfort and overall fabulousness standards, we put them through a rigorous testing phase. They get experience in multiple barre classes, a few laundry cycles and everything in between. And if we're being honest, they probably see more of the in between time than actual studio time (hence the dry shampoo, deodorant and extra layers always stashed in our Studio Tote). So when we say Fit For Barre, we really mean Fit For Barre and beyond, whatever happens to be on the agenda after your sweat session (my beyond usually involves food-shopping for it or devouring it). 

In addition to our internal team of product testers, we're so very lucky to have a super supportive community (you know who you are!) to assist with more product testing. This is such an integral part of our process, all of which happens prior to deciding whether to proceed with a new product/collection. And of course these fabulous folks aren't all barre addicts like me, but they are all active. They are active moms, students, personal trainers, teachers, nurses and the list goes on. Surprisingly, through this simple act of giving a sample to a willing participant our world became fuller and brighter. And in case you were curious, based on our product testing, we're proud to say that our current catalog is multi functional-Fit For Running, Fit For Cooking, Fit For Hiking and Fit For Pampering, to name only a few. Perhaps a name change is in our future.....but probably not.

So anyway, here's our point - in working with all of these amazing people, we've gained knowledge, we've been inspired, we've made new friends. Wow, we've gained all this just by giving a piece of clothing to someone? Yep, we have. So we decided to do more of the same. We recently announced the launch of our Fit For Giving Program with the idea of igniting acts of giving and kindness, motivating others and learning more from our current and future customers.  Perhaps you haven't tried a barre class, maybe you're an expert, but no matter your interests, we have you covered, as we are all Fit For Giving. So take a look at the program and share it with your friends. It's an awesome way to get cool stuff for yourself and receive FREE gifts to give to someone who could use a smile (or a new pair of leggings).


Melissa Tuttle 




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